Charity Ball / Gala Dinner Photographer



360 Media Studio will attend your Charity Ball for a small fee. Please contact for a quote.

Full Professional Studio
360 Media Studio will provide a full professional studio for you. The studio contains the same professional equipment that you would find in a high street studio including lights and a high-key background. The white or black background is used to show the wonderful dresses and suits to their best.

Instant Viewing and Printing
All the images are loaded up to our state of the art touch screen viewing station. An assistant will show you all the images captured so far on the large screen and you can choose which ones are your favourites.

These will then be printed instantly on our dye sub printer. A dye sub printer is a lab quality printer not an ink jet that you may get with other photographers. The printers are the same as they use in the theme parks and the prints come out dry and last for over 25 years! The photographs are then placed in a professional mount and placed in a clear bag to protect it from accidental damage.

Free On-line Gallery
Time seems to go so fast, so you may miss out on viewing all your photographs. 360 Media Studio can help out with this . An on-line gallery will be set up for your Charity Ball and all the photographs loaded into it. You will then be able to revisit the night again and again and also show friends and family. To make it even better you will also be able to purchase any of your favourite photographs in a variety of presentations.


Contact us now to book your date
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You maybe thinking that this fantastic services going to cost you a fortune but it doesn't. When you book 360 Media Studio you will receive:

  • Attendance fee. Please contact for a quote.
  • Free Photographer
  • Free Mobile Studio
  • Instant Viewing and Printing
  • On-line Gallery
  • Discounted prices (20% off) for photographs bought on and before the night.
  • Full support team
  • Free consultation
  • Free reccee of the venue (terms apply) 

When you purchase your photographs on the night they will be discounted from our normal on-line rates.  We also do key rings and fridge magnets on the night. This is 20% off our web prices.

We accept cash, credit & debit cards on the night.
360 Media Studio Masonic Photographers

Remember you also get to see the photographs on the touch screen before you buy, so there is a 100% guarantee of satisfaction because you chose it.

* Terms & Conditions may apply for some events of low numbers or long distances.



Typically we will provide a 10% donation to your charity of the gross sales of the night. Terms apply but contact us to discuss your charity ball.

Pre-Paid Options

Some Charity Balls might want to cover the costs of the photographs on the night and give each guest a free photo. So we have set up a couple of options for you.

1. You may find a sponsor who wishes to contribute to the cost of the photographs and part or fully pay for it. This can be arrange at the time of booking.

2. Your charity may wish to have some photographs included in the price of the event ticket. This is an excellent present for the guest of the evening. All you have to do is let us know how many you want and we will invoice you for the correct amount. Larger orders may invite a discount. Once again the payment has to clear 4 weeks before the event.

Theses offers are not available after the night.


Areas Covered
360 Media Studio is based in Berkshire, England however we do cover the surrounding counties and areas. If you are unsure if we will cover your area just get in touch.

Please contact us now to book your event as dates go very quickly.